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Affiliate Program with MGE: Empowering Graphic Designers for Success

Welcome to the MGE Affiliate Program! We believe in the power of collaboration, and we're thrilled to offer graphic designers an opportunity to join forces with Mina Gee, Owner, Founder, and Creative Director of MGE. Together, we can create exceptional websites that elevate brands and provide a seamless user experience.

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Why Join the MGE Affiliate Program?

1. Earn Lucrative Commissions:

  • Landing Page Package: Earn $250 for every landing page we build together, priced at $1500.

  • Full Website Package: Receive $500 for every full website collaboration, priced at $3000.

2. Transparent Collaboration:

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for both parties.

  • A straightforward commission structure that rewards your efforts.

3. Showcase Your Graphic Design Skills:

  • Design graphics for your client's landing pages or websites.

  • Watch your designs come to life as we bring them to the digital realm.

4. Expand Your Portfolio:

  • Showcase the websites you've collaborated on in your professional portfolio.

  • Diversify your work and attract a broader clientele.

Affiliate Program with MGE: Empowering Graphic Designers for Success

How It Works:

  1. Apply:

    • Fill out a simple online form to apply for our affiliate program.

    • Showcase your portfolio and experience in graphic design.

  2. Approval:

    • Once approved, receive a welcome package with program details.

  3. Collaborate:

    • Work closely with MGE on landing pages and full website projects.

    • Provide graphics for your clients, and we'll handle the website development.

  4. Earn Commissions:

    • Receive prompt and consistent payments for every completed project.


Marketing Partnership

  1. Promotional Materials:

    1. Access branded graphics, banners, and other promotional materials.

    2. Effortlessly promote your collaboration with MGE.

   2. Social Media Exposure:

  1. Share your success stories on our social media platforms.

  2. Gain visibility within the MGE community and beyond.

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